Network Architect & Voice Specialising Full Stack Engineer

Nexbridge Communications - Manchester

Summary and background:

Nexbridge is a Tier 2 ITSP, operating its own high-velocity, short duration IP Voice network. It has interconnects with large telecommunications providers and hosts its own number ranges. Whilst no calls are made from Nexbridge itself, people usually blame them for it, which is just like you blaming BT for a call you received from a call centre because "it's their network" 🤦‍♂️, anyway, I digress.

Tenure (5yrs 2mo):

I worked this position from July 2014 until September 2019.

My place in the company:

Nexbridge is a Tier 2 ITSP (Information Telecommunications Service Provider) operating a bespoke VoIP communications platform, with interconnects to large UK ITSPs. The core USP of Nexbridge is that of a High Velocity, Short Duration telecommunications network, catering predominantly to call centre environments and larger organisations.

My projects here have included Customer VPN setups, intranet implementations, Layer 2 and Layer 3 network implementations, BGP multihoming, Customer MPLS links, OSPF and Least Cost routing, Linux server management and building, fibre interconnections, 802.1q VLAN structuring, IPS, network security and access control systems, SQL Server building, IPv4/v6 engineering, LAMP/LEMP stack creation, Asterisk Voice gateway builds, OpenSIPS SBC management and maintenance among very many others.

My day-to-day responsibilities are that of managing and monitoring the network infrastructure and ensuring that it is running at peak performance, including monitoring and continually assessing any risks and attack vectors that may come to light during the ongoing developments of our products.

It is also my responsibility to fully install, implement and maintain our web, voice and networking infrastructure in our 2 data centre locations. I have also written the vast majority of our infrastructure management, interactivity and automation software that is used every day by our engineering and support teams.

I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience working for this company, diversifying my skills immensely.

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Pertinent Skills

asterisk  bash  bgp  bind9  bootstrap  caches  carp  containerisation  cron  css3  datacentre management  debian  dhcp  disaster planning  disaster recovery  distributed infrastructure  dns  docker  firewalls  foss  git  github  html5  hypervisors  imap  interconnects  ipv4  ipv6  javascript  leadership  linux  load balancers  mail servers  mpls  mysql  network capacity planning  network infrastructure  network management  networking  noc operations  opensips  ospf  pbx  pci dss  php  php7  proxmox  redis  rtp  server management  sips  smtp  source control  split-horizon dns  srtp  ssh  stripe  telecommunications  virtualisation  vlan  vmware  web application firewalls 

Company Info

Nexbridge Communications
Manchester, UK