My day to day grind and what I do for a living. ( - shows my current role(s) )

Principal Telephony Engineer

I have held this role since Jan 2023 (1yrs 6mo)

Head of SIP

Connex One
I held this role from Mar 2022 to Jan 2023 (0yrs 10mo)

Senior Voice Developer

I held this role from Oct 2019 to Feb 2022 (2yrs 4mo)

Network Architect & Voice Specialising Full Stack Engineer

Nexbridge Communications
I held this role from Jul 2014 to September 2019 (5yrs 2mo)

Operations Director & Lead Developer

Wonderful Organisation
I held this role from Jan 2017 to September 2019 (2yrs 8mo)

IS&T Operations Administrator

Poynton Workmens Club
I held this role from Sep 2008 to Jul 2016 (7yrs 10mo)


I held this role from Nov 2013 to Jul 2014 (0yrs 9mo)

Further Information

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"You do a lot of things for one company?"

You're not wrong, I've always worked like this and enjoyed working that way, some may say I'm spreading myself too thin but I like to think I can make a difference in a lot of small areas for a larger purpose. Of course, I've not a problem with sinking my teeth right into a big project, but I like to have something else on the side to work on so that I don't start losing focus, that's how a lot of my little projects have gained traction, by a requirement coming to light in something big and spinning it off.


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