Operations Director & Lead Developer

Wonderful Organisation - Manchester

Summary and background:

Wonderful is a non-for-profit organisation that rung the Wonderful fundraising platform, with 100% of all donations going to the charities of the fundraisers choice. The bottom line and fees for the platform are paid by corporate sponsorship and like-minded philanthropists.

Tenure (2yrs 8mo):

I worked this position from January 2017 until September 2019.

My place in the company:

Working with the chairman on this project, I was the sole, lead developer on the fundraising platform, building from scratch on bare-tin in a managed data centre. Over a period of 6 months, I developed the Wonderful fundraising platform using Vanilla PHP, ElasticSearch, MariaDB and Redis, whilst integrating with a number of third-party services for verification, fulfilment and communications, including Kickbox.io for email validation, and Twilio for SMS telephone validation.

Upon the successful launch of the platform I was promoted to Operations Director to oversee the day-to-day operations and running of the platform. Wonderful's policy is that 100% of the donations made by users go to the charity, no deductions are made at all, allowing the £2.3M of donationsmade to date arrive at the charity unimpeded.

As the platform gained traction, and corporate sponsors such as those listed on the website, I took a more managerial role in the organisation, reviewing policy and procedure for enquiries, complaints, charity communications and other related tasks. Using our upstream payment provider tools, my day-to-day tasks also involved payment vetting of over £10,000 of donations per day, fraud review and dispute resolution, again working closely with fundraisers, charities and the issuing banks.

Given our continuing and ever-growing donation turnover, and the introduction of the GDPR, a decision was made to also have me as the responsible Data Protection Officer, monitoring compliance of all donations' data transferral, charity data acquisition and associated marketing communications from the platform.

As a FCA Small Payments Institute, we also had a reporting responsibility to them.

Press and Mentions:

This role was that of a secondment from my position at Nexbridge.

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Pertinent Skills

aws  bash  bootstrap  cron  css3  datacentre management  debian  dns  elasticsearch  firewalls  foss  git  github  html5  javascript  leadership  linux  load balancers  management  mysql  network infrastructure  nodejs  pci dss  php  php7  postgresql  redis  server management  source control  ssh  stripe  web application firewalls 

Company Info

Wonderful Organisation
Manchester, UK